Looking for Legal Assistance after an Accident

A great majority of personal injuries are the result of car crashes. Despite the security that auto insurance can provide, hiring an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer may still be necessary. The need to hire a lawyer to help with the legal proceedings stems from the fact that there is a lot at stake following a car crash that resulted in injuries. Having a lawyer would make it easier to present your case and negotiate a fair settlement.

It is the responsibility of the injured party to prove the extent of the injury. This can mean providing the lawyer with documents such as medical records and police reports. It is likewise important to present the medical bills, wage stubs (to prove the loss of wages due to the injury), photos of the scene, information on the other driver (name, address, insurance company, and phone numbers), and even photos of the injuries sustained. These will be presented in court and will be the basis on the amount of compensation that will be awarded. Despite appearing to be uninjured after an accident, it is still important to go to a doctor to ensure that there is no physical damage, since not all injuries exhibit themselves immediately. Whiplash is one such injury.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultation, and would only get paid after the case has been settled. Consulting with a lawyer would help you determine the extent of the compensation as well as help in the negotiation to arrive in a fair settlement agreement. If the injuries are serious and you are required to stay in the hospital, the lawyer will be the one who will gather the necessary evidence and present your case in court as your legal representation. It is important to not immediately sign or accept any settlement unless your lawyer have properly evaluated the extent of the injuries and damages.

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