Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy is still fresh in many people’s minds, especially for those who have lost their homes. In order to move forward and start anew, many victims of Hurricane Sandy has filed for homeowner’s insurance claims hoping to receive some financial support, however many of these insurance claims have been denied. Being denied of a homeowner’s insurance can cause a big complication in your life, and the sad part of it is since insurance companies are also a business, they could have a varied reason for denying your claim. In order to ensure that your homeowner’s insurance claim will not be denied, here are some things that you should check:

  • There are insurance plans that does not cover for damages caused by damages, therefore make sure that your insurance plan has this policy. In cases of hurricanes, the insurance company can deny your claim by arguing floods, tidal threats, and waves as reasons.
  • Insurance companies can use the excuse of “unsafe conditions” as argument in denying your homeowner’s insurance claim. They can state that your home’s location is already in a high-risk area, therefore you either pay for a higher insurance premium or your house may not be covered by the insurance despite being damaged by the hurricane.
  • Unpaid premiums can also be used by insurance companies as reason to deny a claim. Make sure you are up to date with your insurance premium payments, otherwise they can use it as a threat to deny your insurance claims despite having paid properly in the past years.

The website of Williams Kherkher says that individuals should not easily accept a denied claim from their insurance companies without question. You could request for a reason for the denial, recheck your insurance policy if the reason is applicable, or get legal counsel. If you think the insurance claim is significant enough, it would be better to go to court in order to receive your insurance claim.

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