What to Expect from a Car Insurance Company after an Accident

It can be difficult to fully determine how a car accident insurance investigation works, since there are many options and factors that can affect the auto accident and insurance claims. These factors include the nature as well as the severity of the car accident, along with the car insurance company that’s involved. Because there are differences in auto claims (such as covering for medical bills or just for property damage), it would be best to understand how the investigation process of the car insurance companies generally proceed.

Immediately after the car accident, an insurance claim should be filed to your auto insurance company. This will inform the insurance company and immediately have someone who will contact you (usually by phone) to inquire more details regarding the accident. This person in usually the insurance adjuster, and will be the one who will investigate the claim in behalf of the insurance company. They will generally clear up or elucidate on the information that you have given and investigate further to better understand how the events occurred. The insurance claims adjuster will be the one who will analyze the policy you have and determine the claims that can be covered, and check if any possible expenses are over your coverage limit.

It is only after the insurance claims adjuster’s investigation will the settlement offer be given.  After evaluation of all the necessary details, you will be informed by the insurance claims adjuster whether you have a valid car insurance claim of not. There are cases where the insurance company will pay for the repair of the damaged vehicle (if it is only property damage). On some cases, a settlement offer will be given, which explains the breakdown of all the covered expenses that the insurance company is willing to pay. There are instances where the insurance company covers the full amount of expenses, otherwise a negotiation can be done between you and the auto insurance company.

It is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed with auto insurance claims following car accidents, which is why it is good to ask questions. Do not hesitate to ask about your rights for compensation or to file for personal injury claims from a lawyer.This is particularly true when dealing with your own auto insurance company, since they are the ones who will be covering for the damages.

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