Discrimination Education in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace have been one of the big concerns for business owners, especially since it can make the company’s atmosphere uncomfortable and put the company in danger of having to face a discrimination lawsuit. There are ways that business owners, especially smaller ones, can do to prevent workplace discrimination, so that harmony and cooperation will be shared by all employees. Although it is the company who will be facing the raps for a discrimination lawsuit, it is everyone’s responsibility (particularly the business owners and the managers) to address the workplace discrimination before or while it happens.

There are many types of discrimination that can occur in the workplace, and one of the most prevalent one is the racial and ethnic discrimination. Because the United States is a nation of immigrants, there are a lot people from around the world that come to work in the US, making the workforce a diverse community. This diversified workforce has opened doors to various discrimination offenses. In order for business owners and managers to avoid such discrimination, the company should enforce the policies and regulations about discrimination in the workplace. For more information on immigration law, click here: http://www.jangattorneys.com/.

Foreign-born people who are not yet registered citizens of the United States can find employment in the US if they have the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA). This grants the individual a temporary status to become contributing members of American society, providing them equal rights in employment. This also permits the individual protection from workplace discrimination based on their ethnicity or race, from the hiring process until the terms and conditions for working. Because a great majority of workers are from different cultures and races, companies who provide equal employment opportunities and enforce the required regulations and policies on workplace discrimination are lowering the chances of having to face discrimination lawsuits.

Both employees and employers have the duty to learn more about cultural diversity as well as anti-discrimination techniques. This can be done through administering diversity training, and having an open mind and respect regarding cultural differences. Lastly, it is important to report or speak up about any discrimination in the workplace, whether it is to the supervisor or any superiors or to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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