Child Support Modifications

With the ups and downs that are going on with the economy, many parents have suffered having to have legal issues regarding child support, or taking care of their child with the existing child support. Paying or receiving child support payments can become a burden to some, and there may be a time where modifications for child support are needed. Fortunately, parents are given options for modifications of child support.

The first thing to do in order to have child support modifications is to check if both you and the other parent agree on changing the child support agreement. Having a judge approve of the changes can make these changes more legal, and majority of the time the court would agree provided that the amount does not deviate from the one required by the State guidelines; otherwise a proper explanation should be provided on why and how the amount will be enough for child support.

Another option, according to the website of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield in Manhattan Beach, is to go to court directly to ask for a child support modification, particularly if the other parent does not agree with the changes. The court can become the mediator that can listen to both your sides and decide on an appropriate settlement. A temporary or permanent child support modification can be granted by the court depending on the circumstances presented in court. Permanent child support modification will last until the support is no longer needed, or if the child support is again modified at a later date due to other changes in circumstances.

What parents should know is that if they are considering any changes on child support, they should address it immediately. Missing child support payments can lead to criminal charges, therefore circumstances such as job or income loss should be reported immediately. Filing for bankruptcy will not clear child support debts, therefore if you are having trouble paying for child support, then it would be better to ask the other parent of file for a motion in court.


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